(Five ways of saying nothing)

Year of composition: 2001

Length: 15′ aprox.
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet  


I. Corvas y Césares Knee pits and Caesars

II. Insipi-danz
III. Payasos Clowns 
IV. Cadencia indecente Indecent cadenza
V. Moraleja sentimental
 Sentimental moral 


November 22th, 2001
Teatro Unió Musical of Llíria (Spain)
Strombor Brass Quintet



The piece, which was composed during the last course at the Conservatory of Valencia, is a cynical and ironic reflection on the process of musical creation itself. In the score we can find numerous indispensable annotations to understand the sense of each fragment. They all treat with humor and irony different aspects of musical composition and their clichés as well as the figure of the composer.

Musically the work is exhaustively developed from a cell of three notes (G-D-Ab), a closed universe symbolizing the secrecy and orthodoxy and wherein the system restricts expression.

Far from wanting to be pretentious, the work should only be seen as a trivial bagatella: please do not take it seriously nor it refers to you!