Year of composition: 2014

Commissioned by Casino Musical. Godella (Spain)


Length: 5’30” 
Grade: 4
Instrumentation: Symphonic Band
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October 25th, 2014
Teatro Capitolio. Godella – Valencia (Spain)
Symphonic Band Casino Musical- Godella
Symphonic Band “Los Silos”- Burjassot
Isaac González Ferriol, conductor



Performed by CAM Bétera (22/11/2014)
Conductor: Luis Serrano Alarcón

Commissioned by the Casino Musical of Godella in memory of Enric Cullell who was musician of this band, this concert pasodoble is characterised by its deep contrasts and a strong degree of emotion. It is especially outstanding the prominence of the French Horn parts, including a very important solo for this instrument which calmly sings the first theme of the composition. The reason for this is that Enric Cullell was a renowned horn player.

The piece was premiered in Teatro Capitolio from Godella, becoming one of the most emotional moments of the posthumous homage to him, October 25th of 2014. The piece was performed by more of 150 musicians belonging to the symphonic bands of Casino Musical of Godella and Los Silos of Burjassot conducted by Isaac González Ferriol.