(Revisitando El Puerto)
Year of composition: 2017
Commissioned by CIM La Armónica de Buñol (Spain)

Leght: 11′
Instrumentation: Symphonic Band/ Wind Ensemble

Sunday 17th July 2017
WMC Kerkrade (Netherlands)
Banda Sinfónica CIM La Armónica de Buñol
David Fiuza, conductor

This piece was born with the intention of transforming an existing music work. In this case, it treats of the piano piece El Puerto, second number of the Suite Iberia by Isaac Albéniz, which the composer himself performed in his youth. From the perspective of the composer, the action of revisiting shows, on the one hand, the  influence of his own experiences and memories and, on the other, challenges him to be conscious and to evaluate his own musical evolution and maturity in the timeline.

As a play on words, the title Invocación (Invocation) resembles and contrasts with Evocación at the same time (Evocación, evocation, is the title of the first piece of the Suite Iberia). While evoking means remembering in a suddenly way or motivated by something external, invoking is a request, thus denotes intention. That is the reason why Albéniz’s original music (supported by the lightness of a guajira) is transformed into a faster tempo and a more rhythmic character, which brings it closer to the personality of a ritual dance.