TIM (a British Pasodoble)

Year of composition: 2018

Written to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Timothy Reynish


Length: 4’30” 
Grade: 4
Instrumentation: Symphonic Band
 / Wind Ensemble

April 16th, 2018
Concert Hall UMSC (Villar del Arzobispo) – Spain
Symphonic Band UMSC Villar del Azobispo
Luis Serrano Alarcón, conductor



World Premiere
Symphonic Band UMSC Villar del Arzobispo
Conductor: Luis Serrano Alarcón

Tim is a pasodoble written in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Timothy Reynish to whom it is dedicated. It is a pasodoble of classic structure in two main sections. The ironic subtitle “a British Pasodoble”, is due to the use of very well-know musical quotes of some important composers, such as Grainger, Vaughan Williams or Holst, for which Timothy Reynish feels a great appreciation. The intention of writing a pasodoble for this commemoration is due, first, to that in Spain it is common for composers to write pasodobles with the name of the person to whom it is dedicated, and secondly, due to Tim Reynish’s special predilection for this genre since he knew the pasodobles of Luis Serrano Alarcón which has conducted on several occasions.