Romanza for Cello and Wind Ensemble
Year of composition: 2007

Length: 7′
Grade: Soloist 5; Wind Ensemble 3 
Cello and Wind Ensemble (View details)
(It exists version for Cello and Piano as well)

Auditorio Casa de la Cultura of Bétera (Spain)

August 13th, 2007
Gloria Cuerda , cello. Symphonic Band C.A.M of Bétera
Conductor: Luis Serrano Alarcón   


On 23 February 2002, the Asociación Cultural La Tertulia (La Tertulia Cultural Association) of Chiva, to which I belong, held a tribute to the well-known local painter José Morea. One part of the event was the premiere of four pieces (grouped until the title of Miradas [Glances) I composed that were inspired by three of his paintings. The second, Tramonto en¬con Palinuro, evoked a melancholy dusk in Italy: you were observing, amongst a mist of warm colours, the town of Palinuro reclining over the sea and forming a large island in doing so. In the bottom right hand corner, the painter himself was smoking and calmly watching the scene.

The piece was written for cello and piano. Five years later, this composition is revisited and, after a profound revision (many aspects of the original have been modified), presented in two different versions: the one that we are presenting below, like the original, is written for cello and piano and the other with accompaniment by wind instruments and percussion.

The Philharmonic Winds (Singapore)
Qin Li-Wei, Cello; Luis Serrano Alarcón, Conductor