For Alto Sax, Jazz Trio and Symphonic Band

Year of composition: 2004

Length: 27′
Grade: Soloist 6, Band 4
Instrumentation: Alto Sax, Jazz Trio (Piano, Double Bass, Drums) and Symphonic Band (View details)
(It exists reduction for Alto Sax and Piano as well)  


I. Andante – Tempo di Tango – Con vivacità – Andante Maestoso

II. Balada – Tempo de Milonga – Calmato
III. Molto Allegro


July 16th, 2004. Palau de la Música of Valencia. 

Carlos Marquina (A. Sx.); Moisés Bautista (Pno.) 
Oscar Cuchillo (D.B.); Edu Fort (Drums) 
Symphonic Band C.I.M of Benimaclet 
Conductor: Luis Serrano Alarcón


The Philharmonic Winds (Singapore)
Kenneth Tse, Alto Sax; Luis Serrano Alarcón, conductor



Concertango is first of all a work of fusion. On the one hand there is instrumental fusion, combining a classical symphonic group with a jazz trio (piano, bass, drums). Above these two groups, the saxophone soloist is the absolute protagonist.

On the other hand, there is stylistic fusion. We can find in this piece different stylistic reminiscences, from symphonic music from the beginning of the 20th century to real jazz elements. And above all, the tango is always present, especially the person of Astor Piazzolla. The title, a clear reference to Piazzolla’s most famous pieces, such as Libertango or Violentango  makes that very clear from the very beginning that Piazzolla was the true inspiration for this piece.