Year of composition: 2002

Commissioned by the Council of Chiva (Spain)


Length: 5′ 
Grade: 3/4
Instrumentation: Symphonic Band (View details) 

August 14th, 2002
Teatro Astoria. Chiva
Symphonic Band La Artistica of Chiva  


 Unión Musical Godelleta; Jesús Perelló, conductor



Although not a descriptive piece, but a mere concert pasodoble with bullfight sonorities, behind the sounds of El Torico de la Cuerda we can find many of the experiences and feelings that the composer feels to this popular and colorful festival that takes place every August in Chiva, his hometown.

The piece opens with a brilliant trumpet solo which is followed, in pasodoble tempo, by a rhythmic and temperamental theme, in C minor, and a trio in E flat major, elegant and sweet in which different timbres of the band are appearing in a subtle and ordered manner. The most remarkable aspect of this trio is the initial solo for three piccolos that acts as a counterpoint to the main melody. Finally, unlike most pasodobles, the second theme hasn’t recapitulation, instead of this the first theme reappears brilliantly combined with the initial scale of the second theme, as counterpoint, in medium register.

This piece, one of the most popular pages from the composer has been performed in a lot of countries like Portugal, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Colombia, USA, Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, among others.